Labeling machine manufacturers: hands to teach you to check the labeling equipment

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Labeling machine manufacturers: How to adjust the accuracy of the labeling machine: The labeling machine is a kind of equipment commonly used by many enterprises nowadays, but according to the long-term accumulated experience, we found that when using the labeling machine Often, there will be problems with poor labeling accuracy, which will easily affect the aesthetics of the labeling. At this time, we need to deal with it in time. How to deal with it? Let's take a look at the general situation, the labeling machine has poor accuracy. There are three main reasons: First, the product reasons, the product has two reasons: label and product: a. The spacing is not up to standard, the solution: select the label spacing to achieve the labeling. b. Product problems are often caused by excessive product accuracy error. Solution: Check and adjust the product dimensional accuracy to ensure that the label is attached to the fixed position of the product when labeling. Second, electrical reasons, electrical reasons include detection and power 2 kinds: a. The specific reasons for detection are: 1. Stop the table is not allowed, the solution: reset the measurement of the electric eye, let the labeling machine stop after the product labeling Bid; 2. Inaccurate measurement, solution: adjust the measuring object and amplifier, you can accurately check the labeling products, and accurate bidding. b. The common cause of power is the abnormality of the transmission. Solution: According to the inspection and fastening of the transmission components, the Shenzhen labeling machine can be operated normally. Third, mechanical reasons, mechanical reasons can be divided into static and dynamic two: a. Static reasons are reflected in the header shaking, solution: according to the fastening head and adjust the fixed seat, so you can reach the fixed header, and then avoid shaking . b. Dynamic reasons: 1. The product is shaken on the conveying. Solution: According to the reduction of the guiding gap, the product can be prevented from shaking on the conveying; 2. The bidding and the product speed are matched. Solution: According to the adjustment of the traction frequency or the conveying speed When the product reaches the labeling position, it is just out of the bid.


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