What is inner membrane paste

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As a brand-new label packaging form different from the traditional direct silk screen printing, heat shrinkable label and self-adhesive label, it has been popular in Europe and America for many years. After two or three years' wait-and-see in China, it has finally started a large-scale application. In mold sticking is mainly used for blow molding and injection molding of PP, PE, pet and other materials. That is, before blow molding and injection molding, put the printed internal label into the cavity of blow molding and injection molding. When the mold is closed for blow molding and injection molding, the special glue on the internal label will melt under the action of high temperature and high pressure in the mold, which will be fused with the bottle body or the surface of injection molding part. When the mold is opened, a printed bottle body or injection part will be completed in one time


1. Novel and beautiful appearance

As the label and plastic parts in the mold are naturally integrated and deformed with the deformation of the bottle body, there will be no blistering, wrinkling and other phenomena. At the same time, the label inside the mold is printed beautifully, which can be used for laser, aluminum plating and other special effects processing, so that the product packaging level is greatly improved;

2. Anti counterfeiting function

The in mold labeling system is relatively complex, reducing the possibility of counterfeiting, which provides a very reliable means of brand maintenance for the users of plastic packaging products who pursue quality, quality and brand;

3. Safety and environmental protection

The common label should be pasted after the container is formed, while the inner label and the container are finished at one time, so as to prevent the possible pollution of the labeling process to the bottle body. Moreover, the chemical composition of the in mold label is the same as that of the bottle body, which can be recycled together, and the recycling rate is high.

4. Not easy to fall off and damage

The label inside the mold is waterproof, oil proof, mildew proof, acid and alkali resistant, friction resistant, and is not easy to be damaged under special conditions.

5. The side wall is reinforced

When the label is embedded in the side wall of the plastic container, the extrusion strength of the side wall of the container can be increased by 20%, so that the label will not separate when the container is warped and extruded.

6. High efficiency and efficiency

The inner mold label and container forming are completed at one time, which makes the packaging production speed faster, and the filling line efficiency can be increased by 5% ~ 20% because the method of labeling after filling is omitted, thus reducing the cost.

Labels can be changed without interrupting production.

The overall comprehensive interest is significantly lower than that of ordinary label and direct screen printing.


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